Soil Acidity - 2018 TRIAL REPORT

Amelioration of subsurface acidity demonstration

Soil Erosion - 2018 REPORT

Improving soil health through sustainable management practices

Crop Sequencing

Determine the value of break crops in the rotation, DAFWA and GRDC (7 focus farms located at Gnowangerup and Borden). 

Yield Prophet® 

Evaluate Yield Prophet® crop forecasting tool in NSP, DAFWA, CSBP, GRDC and local agronomists (Location: Borden). Click on this link for further information.

Malting Barley Trial 

Malting Barley variety by seed rate demonstration trial in NSP region, GRDC 2012 Agribusiness Extension Trial Network with Brent Pritchard, Farmanco (Borden). 

Green Manuring 

Demonstrate technique of green manuring to renovate poor performing paddocks, SCNRM CFOC project 10SC-C76 (Location: Borden).


Different biochar application methods by rate, with Energy Farmers Australia and Wayne Phillips (Location Gnowangerup).

Fertilising Perennials 

Different Nitrogen rates on Tall Wheat grass, Gillamii Farmready Project (Location: Ongerup). 

Soil Acidity 

Demonstrate best practice for managing subsoil acidity, SCNRM CFOC Project 11SC-C105 (Location: Gnowangerup).