Spring 2019 Newsletter Out Now

Welcome to our spring newsletter. I commented in our last newsletter that even though we were having a tough start you never know what will happen, and as you look around now our district looks a picture.

Early frosts may have had an effect on some crops, but recent rainfall has put most in a great position coming into spring and I trust you enjoy the benefits of your hard labour.

Spring is a great time of year and there is always a lot on offer to improve your knowledge and skills, so I hope you keep in mind the opportunities NSPNR offers to add value to your business.

In this edition:
Chair's report
Dates for your diary
Annual membership renewals 2019/2020
NRMO report summary
Fox baiting expression of interest
WIFE annual seminar
Managing your on-farm water
Nutrition, fertiliser and soil workshop
Stirlings to Coast Farmers spring field day
Nature activities in the North Stirlings Pallinup sub-region
NSPNR publication 'Collecting native seeds' available
AgTech Finder website
NSPNR staff contact details and website

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