Autumn 2019 Newsletter Out Now

Welcome to our latest newsletter. Thankfully as I write we have received some rain to give the sown crops a chance to get a start and stimulate green feed again. As is common, there is a lot of variety throughout our region, but I hope we all receive that good opening rain soon.

Even though there has been a lot of dry seeding, it has been pleasing to see landholders mindful of protecting our precious land resources and choosing stable paddocks until opening rains arrive. Don’t let the ball drop because one big wind event can devastate dry and fragile soil, and many are not out of the woods yet.

Table of contents
Chair's report
Dates for your diary
Revegetation planting season approaching
1080 Baiting training and permit workshop
From NSPNR's new project officer
Successful application for RLPNSP project years 2-5
Chuditch (Western Quoll) sighted
Annual Fox Shoot review
Diverse pastures project review
GRDC publication 'Mitigating snails, slugs and slaters' available
GSDC Medal
GRDC RCSN open forum
Membership renewals
NSPNR staff contact and website

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